Postcards, t-shirts, bags, booklets, …


The postcards are all printed in Iceland. The Swiss artist Karin Kurzmeyer did the Very Serious Pictures From Iceland and the Þingvellir pictures. Her countryman, Fritz J. Dold, did the horse illustration. The pool pictures are taken from the book Tales from a Hot Pot by the German illustrator Nele Schacht.
All postcards can be ordered directly from Hundahólmi, 350 ISK a piece, 250 ISK for 3 or more.


The t-shirts have illustrations by the Swiss artists Karin Kurzmeyer and Fritz J. Dold, printed in Iceland. They are made of recycled pet and cotton or organic cotton – either way, they are very soft and comfy.
They cost 4.000 ISK directly from Hundahólmi. Most of them come in the sizes S, M, L, XL. Contact us for further information.

Tote bags

The illustrations by Karin Kurzmeyer decorate the cotton or recycled pet and cotton bags. The larger bags have a snap fastener in the middle. Contact us to order. They cost 4.000 ISK.

Books and booklets

Tales From a Hot Pot, an illustrated journey through the Icelandic bathing culture, by Nele Schacht makes one want to go Hot Pot hunting in Iceland. The book costs 4.000 ISK directly from Hundahólmi.

Æfingabók and Lausnir based on Palli var einn í heiminum are ideal to practice your Icelandic. The books can be ordered directly from Hundahólmi and cost together 5.000 ISK .

Hildur Petersen and Anna Bjarnadóttir try to answer some of travellers’ questions in the booklet The Way It Is, to go with Very Serious Pictures From Iceland (Wie es wirklich ist in German and Las Cosas Claras in Spanist). The whole collection of the illustrations by Karin Kurzmeyer and Piret Uustal are in the booklets. They cost 3.500 ISK each, directly from Hundahólmi.

In food and festivities Hildur and Anna tell what food the Icelanders like to eat on special days. Be it a hot dog on June 17 or skata (skate) on December 23. The booklet costs 2.000 ISK when ordered directly from Hundahólmi.