Yoga Cards

Hundahólmi forgot all about Icelandic souvenirs for a while when Francesca, Anna’s stepdaughter in Canada, came up with the brilliant Yoga Advent Calendar idea. We got the Swiss “Lebenskünstler” Sandy and Joa Sahagun to design it for us.

The result was a white box with a long red ribbon containing 25 sleeved yoga cards, 25 wooden pegs and a handmade book cover for the cards when they are not fastened to the long red ribbon with the wooden pegs.

The idea of having a new Yoga pose every day in December until Christmas is fantastic. Sandy, who is a yoga teacher as well as an artist, put the perfect Asana sequence together for those who always meant to do yoga or those who have been doing it for years. The best thing about the Advent Calendar is that it is not just for Advent but for all year round and for ever and ever.

Some like the cards so much that they leave them hanging all year round.

The book covers were handmade by women working at marktlücke in Zürich. The cards are save between the book covers when they are not in use.